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Bird hired Dennis Cinelli as VP and Head of Finance

Bird hires Cinelli as they expand their executive team to build its scale momentum as it enters its second year.

Bird is a dockless scooter-share company that operates scooters in cities throughout North America costing one dollar rent plus fifteen to twenty cents per minute. It provides a fleet of shared electric scooters that can be accessed via smartphone. The company was founded by Travis VanderZanden in 2017.

As Uber’s former VP of International Growth, VanderZanden brought some former employees to his company which includes Yibo Ling, Uber’s Director of Corporate Development.

In addition to his startup is Dennis Cinelli, a former head of finance and director of corporate development in Uber. Cinelli will serve as VP and Head of Finance in Bird.

Prior to joining Uber, Cinelli spent 11 years of service at General Electric in financial position.

According to Cinelli, Bird has truly taken the transportation space to the next level by pioneering Rideshare 2.0 and solving transportation problem, particularly traffic and congestion. He also added that he is looking forward to building a world-class finance team to help Bird bring its affordable, last-mile transportation option to cities around the world.

Bird is continuing to expand their talented executive team to build on and scale their momentum as the company enters to its second year. According to VanderZanden, both Yibo and Dennis had valuable experience when it comes in expanding markets.

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