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British Airways Customer Data Hacked

Renowned Airline British Airways has been hacked by online thieves and have their 380,000 customers’ data compromised.

The data breach happened between 21st of August and 5th of September. Information leaked included customers names, email addresses and payment card information. But the British Airways said that the breach did not affect customers travel or passport details, they also said that the incident has now been “resolved’ and their online systems are now working normally.

The airline announced they have notified authorities and contacted all customers that was affected by the breach, they also added that all customers that was affected should immediately contact their respective banks.

The attack was one of the latest breach in major companies that are located in the United Kingdom. British Airways’ operations is now back to normal status after the incident.

Alex Cruz, British Airways’ Chairman and Chief executive, said that he is sorry for the disruptions that the breach caused to its customers, and he added that the airlines’ customer data protection is one their priorities.

The airlines who also had IT issues last year that caused dozens of flights to be cancelled and has left 75,000 of its customers to be stranded. They said that it was caused by an incident involving a serious problem with their IT system. The customers were in an uproar after their tickets and flights have been cancelled.