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China’s Automaker NIO Made History Happen

Yesterday, August 14, despite being a start-up company, NIO proved that they are more than what they look like. The company decided to go public and they are currently raising $1.8 billion for their initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

In recent reports, it was stated that China aims to be known in the field of electronic cars. Along with it, the country wants to become a dominant global producer- offering new products that would be adored by many.

Since the goal was set many electronic car manufacturers are starting to make their name appeal to the public. With side by side announcement of new versions of their product and companies venturing outside their country. And deciding to join the competition is the start-up auto-maker NIO or Weilai- its Chinese name.

Aside from designing and developing smart and high-performance electric cars, NIO is also known for prioritizing their users, for they have been good at offering services that would benefit car buyers. For years, NIO has been seen in the public as a futuristic company with its vision and openness on creating something that makes a difference.

NIO has started making their first batch of deliveries with their first ever electric car, ES8. As of the moment, the company has over 6,200 employees helping them. It is expected that by 2019, they will be able to launch their newest version, ES6, more affordable than that of the current version. Another version, ET7 is expected to be released in the year 2020.

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After the company filed an initial public offering- which was considered the largest listing ever recorded by a Chinese auto-maker, they have continuously gained a lot of attention. With the success of different electronic-vehicle companies that originated in China, the country might just achieve their goal sooner or later.