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Chinese Company Alibaba opens its Portal to Small Businesses

Alibaba Group Holding Limited welcomes small U.S. enterprise to sell their products worldwide through their platform

The giant e-commerce company Alibaba announced on Tuesday, July 23, that they are opening up its platform to American small businesses enabling them to sell their products internationally. This will expand its market to other countries and U.S. retailers.

John ChoiDaiwa‘s executive director said. “I don’t think they (Alibaba) are trying to benefit financially in the near term, but this does open up a complete new market for their B2B business.

Founded by Jack Ma on April 4, 1999, Alibaba is the world’s largest retailer and e-commerce company in the world. The company owns the largest B2B platform, the C2C Taobao platform, and B2C Tmall platform marketplaces in the world.

Being the #1 marketplace in the world, Alibaba wanted small businesses to succeed also. “Alibaba aims to empower entrepreneurs and help them succeed on their own terms,” said John Caplan, head of North America B2B at Alibaba Group.

“We think competition is good and we think anything that helps small businesses is good. So we are interested in building an ecosystem of relationships and companies that are helping US small businesses be successful,” Caplan continued.

The announcement seems to be surprising with the U.S. – China trade dispute. Michael Evans, president of Alibaba said, “Despite all of the geopolitical tensions that exist in the world, between China and the U.S., we continue to build our U.S. business carefully.”

The opening also helps Alibaba more compete with its rivals like Amazon and Shopify. “You get to compete and act like a multinational company in a way you’ve never had the tools or technology to be able to do so,” said Caplan.