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Chipotle’s Ohio Restaurant to Close for the Meantime

Yesterday, July 30, Chipotle closed its branch in Ohio due to customers complaining about getting sick after eating in the said restaurant.

It has come to the attention of, a food safety website, the complaint of two Chipotle’s customers about experiencing an upset stomach right after eating at the restaurant. It was also reported that the following customers suffered from nausea, as well as fever and vomiting which are symptoms of foodborne illness.

Chipotle, having been inspected a few days ago was discovered to have violated some proper practices in the kitchen which concerns the proper temperature of the storage for different kinds of food. It seems like the restaurant has neglected this fact unintentionally.

Since the cause of the complaint was not yet confirmed, the company is still investigating the issue on hand with the help of local health authorities.

This was not the first time the company had experienced this kind of concern from their customers. It was also reported last year that they had closed their branch in Virginia because of customers experiencing the same symptoms as now.

Since that grievous event, they have been wary of their practices so that this kind of event will not happen again. However, it seems like they were not careful enough.

Nonetheless, the restaurant is said to open again as soon as the inspection is completed, and the local health authority allowed them to.

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