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Company-builder Antler obtained US$75M from Investment

Antler “company builder” has passed US$75M after investment from Schroders and Ferd.

Antler is a startup generator and early-stage VC that is building the next big wave of tech. It was founded in 2017 in Singapore, with a mission to turn exceptional individuals into great founders. The firm aims to build thousands of companies globally.

Today, the firm has announced that it obtained funding from the British investment management company Schroders, the investment firm FinTech Collective and Ferd, the vehicle used by Johan H. Andresen, a Norwegian industrialist, and businessman.

This latest investment takes the capital raised by Antler over the past six months to more than $75 million.

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Plenty of “company builders” did not successfully sustain their companies resulting in them to completely stop their operations. But Antler is a bit different, the firm has been quite in the long run.

So far, the company has sealed more than 120 investments across a wide range of companies with several going on to raise later-stage funding from the likes of Sequoia, Golden Gate Ventures, East Ventures, Venturra Capital and the Hustle Fund.

“With our support, our founders start refining their ideas and building new and innovative businesses. What is equally important is the deep relationship our founders build with their peers, our advisors, and backers. Having accomplished investors like Schroders, Ferd and FinTech Collective on board means we can provide a more valuable network for our startups as they grow their businesses,” said Magnus Grimeland, Antler co-founder and CEO.

Since its launch in Singapore two years ago, Antler now has a presence across New York, London, Singapore, Sydney, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Nairobi, and Oslo.

As with most company builders and accelerators, Antler only takes 1-1.5% of the applicants. Its portfolio includes Sampingan, an on-demand labor force in Indonesia; Xailient, a computer vision technology; Airalo, a global e-sims marketplace; and FusedBone, which allows medical centers to generate non-metal implants on-site.

Antler claimed that more than 40% of its portfolio companies have a female co-founder and 78% of these have a female CEO.

Peter Harrison, Group CEO of Schroders, who will also be joining Antler’s advisory board, said: “We are in a period of unprecedented change. The visibility on venture capital activity and innovation that Antler provides is therefore leading-edge.”