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Consumers bid Goodbye to the Volkswagen Beetle

Maybe one of the most iconic cars that were ever produced in the entire world is the Beetle, but Volkswagen announced that it will stop its production next year.

Volkswagen started the beetle name as the “Volkswagen Type 1” or the people’s car which has been developed in the late 1930s by Nazi Germany. With the intention of the car to be “practical enough for the common people” which means the car was developed to be as economical as possible, meaning more mileage from its fuel, cheaper parts and spacious.

Beetle featured image
Volkswagen Type 1

From its unique features and looks, the beetle raised a lot of fans all over the world and has still captured the hearts of its fans with the company’s new beetle models available.

The beetle also starred in a couple of movies like “The Love Bug” and “Herbie Rides Again”, but even with its success in television, the beetle also was the choice of car for some actors and actresses.

The Beetle paved its success after discarding its Nazi roots, now it is a vehicle that helped improve a lot of modern cars as. The older model of the beetle is proven to be tough and is a good choice of many car restorers and enthusiasts and have to keep maintaining these iconic cars’ conditions.

With many still sad with the news from Volkswagen, the company said that they are not shutting the possibility of it being revived in the future.