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Crowd Control Procedures: LRTA Guidelines on LRT-2 Station

According to LRTA on Wednesday, May 27, around 160 passengers, or 10% of its 1,600-rider capacity, are allowed to board each train in LRT-2 once it resumes operations.

Based on the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) guidelines, the Passenger Distribution Control Protocol would be implemented in order to prevent mass gathering inside trains.

Explained in the LRTA guidelines, “Passenger Distribution Control Protocol only a total of 160 from the original 1,600 passengers will be accommodated per platform to give way to the implementation of effective crowd control procedures.”

Apart from this, LRTA said there would be “one-way yellow lines” at entrances, x-ray machine lines, stairs, platform areas, holding areas, connecting lines, link bridges, payment areas, and other areas in LRT-2’s premises to instruct passengers to practice social distancing.

Banners, posters, and other visual aids would likewise be put up to inform passengers about health protocols at LRT-2 stations, LRTA noted.

LRTA further said there would be thermal scanners at the entrances of stations as well as disinfecting alcohol and hand sanitizers as each train would be disinfected once it reaches the last train station.

Wednesday (May 27) the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) and LRT-2 management simulates the implementation of the guidelines to prepare for the “new normal.”

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Meanwhile, Metro Manila Police Chief Major Gen. Debold Sinas assured security for LRT-2 passengers once the train operation resumes.

“Public safety is our primordial concern. Our citizens will be needing public transport to go to work and other places and the LRT is one of the indispensable and fastest modes of transportation in Metro Manila,” Sinas said in a statement.

“Surely, most of our people will take this as an option for their daily transport. Hence, we are working in close partnership with LRTA to guarantee public safety should we finally come to the resumption of public transport,” he added.

NCR might transition to a General Community Quarantine by June 1. However, Malacañang has yet to release a decision on the matter but it is expected to do so.