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David Hyman is back with Unagi – a Startup Electric Scooter

Former CEO of Beats music David Hyman is back and just launch his Unagi – a startup ultimate electric scooter.

David Hyman has pioneered revolutionary start-ups over a 20-year span that have fundamentally changed the landscapes of technology and media. CEO of Beats Music, founder & CEO of MOG, co-founder CEO of the MOG Music Network, Co-founder CEO of Gracenote, and co-founder of Addicted to Noise.

Hyman recently founded Unagi, the Ultimate Electric Scooter. Unagi’s mission was freedom as they come with the phrase “Freedom of movement means living more life”. The company was hellbent on liberating people from the tyranny of transportation frustration like cost, inconveniences, the carbon emissions and so they built the ideal personal liberation device.

Hyman’s discovery of Unagi had a very short history. Hyman thought that the music industry had changed a lot and said that he does not want to work on another music company. He became an entrepreneur at a giant real estate company and started riding an electric scooter. With this experience, he realizes that riding on a rideshare scooter is way much better than driving his own car or taking an Uber.

One day, the scooter he rode got stolen when he went to a grocery store somewhere in Oakland to buy some ice cream. He looked for the closest scooter which was according to him was about one-quarter mile away. Unluckily, someone scooped the scooter up as he was approaching.

According to Hyman, he wants a ride where he can just jump off and go wherever he wants. This desire led him to find and buy a scooter but he couldn’t find a good one in the U.S. He was looking for a portable and lightweight one, with good range, torque and motor power and landed to Alibaba. But still, he wasn’t completely happy about it. And that’s where Unagi comes in.