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Digiasia’s Series B Round to be led by Mastercard

Mastercard is leading Digiasia’s Series B Funding Round – details were not disclosed.

Mastercard Incorporated, the leading global payments and technology company that connects consumers, businesses, merchants, issuers and governments around the world, said to lead DigiAsia’s upcoming Series B funding round.

Digiasia Bios is an Indonesia-based fintech company focused on financial technology and the digital industry. Digiasia’s mission is to democratize financial services in Indonesia so that all Indonesians can become part of a non-cash community through digital payments, P2P loans or sending money in one application.

Digiasia’s unique B2B2C has a different approach that always assists their business partners to digitize their operation & customer base, hence developing a fully digital and cashless ecosystem effectively.

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B2B2C Approach (Credits: digiasia.asia)

“Financial inclusions is about more than just having people transact money via apps or make online purchases. It’s about finding simple mechanism that broaden economic opportunities so that people at all levels of society can enjoy the benefits of a modernizing digital economy,” said Safdar Khan, Division President, Southeast Asia Emerging Markets of Mastercard.

In a statement, Mastercard is said to provide capital and strategic assistance to Digiasia to strengthen its suite of financial services catering to individuals and MSMEs. However, Mastercard did not reveal further details about the investment.

The investment also comes at a time when Indonesia’s government at its stakeholders are focusing on boosting financial inclusion.

Khan added, “Mastercard is deeply committed in helping Indonesia to exceed its financial inclusion goals, and hence the decision to work with Digiasia, whose suit of financial service is already making a marked difference in the everyday lives of many Indonesians.”

Digiasia is currently associated with KAS PRO, Kredit PRO and REMIT PRO.