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Electric Car Buyers Complain to Nissan for Giving a Misleading Information

Nissan, an automobile manufacturing company, has released its newest version of LEAF this 2018 but some of the buyers are not satisfied, claiming that they were given a misleading information.

After the release of Nissan Leaf 2018, the company’s sale has increased and sold about 20,000 second-generation cars in Japan. With a rough estimate of 1,600 sales in the United States, 900 in Canada and 2,800 in Europe.

Following this success, some of the manufacturer’s buyers said that they were given the wrong information. They claim that the details about the product are not that precise as it was in the actual car. An example includes the charging time of the car, they said that the right duration is three times longer than what is stated on Nissan’s website.

Nissan once said that the charging time of the car is about 40-60 minutes. While this is true, there is still a catch about it. Owners said that it charges fast during the first and second time they charge in a day but, after that, the charging speed slows down. Making it longer than what Nissan has proposed.

Another concern of the buyers includes the distance the car can travel in a single charge. The company promised that it can travel about 235 miles per charge, but travelers said that they visit a charging station more than the usual.

Nissan answered these concerns through BBC saying that the rapid charging can only happen once in a journey, which buyers are not familiar with. They intended for the car to do that in order to prevent the battery from overheating. They also said that charging time can be different due to some reasons, like the outside temperature and duration of the travel. Nissan also added that this information is included in the car’s manual.

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