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Eric Wahlforss is leaving from his role in SoundCloud

The SoundCloud co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Eric Wahlforss, is stepping away from the music and podcast streaming platform.

After 11 years of being the Chief Product Officer at SoundCloud, the co-founder Eric Wahlforss decided to step down from his post and transition into an advisory role. He co-founded SoundCloud together with Alexander Ljung in 2007.

Wahlforss admitted that the decision he made was not easy but he came to the realization that it is the right time for him to take a break, reflect, and think about what to create next.

According to him, the biggest reason why he felt he made the right decision to leave is that he knows that the company is in such capable hands. He conveys his gratitude to Kerry Trainor, CEO of SoundCloud, though his post said it has been a pleasure working with him and the new leadership team over the past 18 months.

Wahlforss also said that he is incredibly proud of what the company has achieved. From their humble beginnings in 2007, to where they are today with more than 20 million creators around the world and millions and millions of people listening every month.
Trainor, on the other hand, said that it’s not easy to express the depth of respect and admiration he has for Wahlforss professionally for his vision and incredible accomplishments as SoudCloud’s founder, and also personally for welcoming him to the team from day one.

Wahlforss’s transition into advisory role for the streaming service will be effective March 1, 2019.