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Everything you need to know about the Facebook data breach

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Facebook is facing a massive data breach that affected over 50 million users.

Facebook recently announced a data breach which allows hackers to access and steal users account. Hackers were able to access and take control of the accounts of over 50 million users. Though there was no proof of misuse of accounts or personal information leaks, Facebook users are still anxious about the hacking issue.

At the extent, 40 million more accounts that are connected to the accounts that are affected by the breach are considered “at-risk”. Connected accounts may include “friends” of the affected account are accounts that use their Facebook account to log in to another social media platform.

Base on Facebook’s report, attackers used unknown application vulnerabilities that allowed them to access accounts earlier this time. But said that they do not know who did or their motivation on doing such action.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook said that the incident is a very serious security issue and they are taking it seriously. Zuckerberg also added that they are continuing to improve their defenses.

The regulators already took action about the data breach. The European’s Union General Protection Regulation has already released a statement to ensure that the social media giant will take appropriate measure. The Federal Trade Commission will also probably look into the incident.

Affected users are asked to re-enter their password when they log in to their account and a notification will appear on their News Feed that explains what happened on the breach.

Users that are concern about the data breach may still secure their account. Changing their password is one of the several steps on securing their account. Affected or not, Facebook users still need to use a difficult-to-guess password.

Zuckerberg addressed the issue on his Facebook post.