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Facebook and Google to be investigated by The White House?

An executive draft made by The White House that instructs Federal Antitrust/Law Enforcement to investigate bias amongst social media companies, but is still pending on President Donald Trump’s signature.

In the document, it says that antitrust authorities are to investigate online platform such as Facebook and Google to see if the following companies had violated any antitrust laws. Although the order is just in its preliminary stages, it still has to run in other government agencies to get approval. It also says that other government agencies should make recommendations in a month after it will be signed.

Although the document does not name any specific companies, it means that after it will be signed the document will promptly target Tech Giants such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter that recently averted by President Trump where he got accusations of silencing news sources online.

In August this year, Trump said on Twitter that Republican or Conservative voices were being discriminated on Social Media.  A research says that almost 72% of Americans and 85% of Republicans believe that Social Media companies are making or intentionally silencing political angles that they believe are distasteful.

While other federal agencies are ordered to make recommendations on how to address online platform bias and on how to protect competition among online platforms, the document is still to be finalized.