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Facebook evolves from Social Networking Website to Career Portal

Facebook over the years has transformed from a simple user interactive social networking site to an all-around utility.

Years after the initial release of Facebook, it became a more versatile website where games can be played, jobs can be sought out, one’s belongings can be sold on the Marketplace, and now online courses can be enrolled.

With Facebook’s online educational portal ‘Learn with Facebook’ taking off, one can enroll their only offered course at the moment, which is ‘Discovering Social Media Marketing’ where they discuss how one can fully utilize social media increase their business and sell to a wider scope with the help of advertisements.

More courses are planned to become available, but for now, Facebook is still evaluating the success of its current educational portal.

This, in turn, enhances the usefulness of the already available ‘Mentorship’ which will be opened to users to make their own matches, and Job seekers will have an easier time to actually apply to a Job offering which can now be distributed more freely on Facebook within groups.

Based on the parameters of a user’s interest, they can associate themselves with mentors via specifying interests in different types of jobs, and effectively match them to their preferences.

With the use of Infographics for studying online courses, Facebook looks towards interested users who are willing to commit to a short 13 module online course each of which lasts a bit over 10 minutes where a certification examination will end the program.