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Facebook may be fine $1.6 billion over data breach

GDPR over facebook featured image

The social network could face a fine of $1.63 billion if proven that they violated the General Data Protection over a data breach.

Facebook, an app that lets users connect to each other faster and easier, announces a data breach last week, but on Friday, Sept. 28, Facebook disclosed the rumored security bug that was discovered that let hackers access information without authority.

In spite of Facebook’s disclosure of the bug, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) cloud still fine the company amounting to $1.63 billion.

The said breach affected over 50 million users but there are still no signs if the hackers leaked any information about the hacked accounts. The Irish Data Protection Commission said that they are still in talks whether to open an investigation about the breach since less than 10 percent of this users live in European Union.

According to a spokesperson of the regulator, there are steps that would be taken before launching an investigation and they are still thinking on what provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 would be conducted.

Facebook also posted on their Twitter account that they are already working with regulators including Irish Data Protection to share preliminary data about the security issue and said to release further info on the potentially affected soon.

Facebook data breach is said to be the major breach that the European Union is facing since the new policy took effect in May.