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Facebook’s First Ever Data Center in Asia Opens 2022

Yesterday, September 6, Facebook announced its plans to build their first-ever data center in Asia, specifically in Singapore.

Investing over $1 Billion, the company decided to place their 170,000 square meters and 11 storeys facility in Western Singapore, near where Google’s data center expansion is taking place.

Facebook is aiming to build a nature-friendly facility with plans of using renewable energy as a main feature for the latter- minimizing the use of energy, land, and water.

In order to minimize the use of water in their facility, the company is planning to implement “statepoint liquid cooling technology”- a first for a data center. The company also decided to build it upwards in accordance with its goal to conserve land space.

The construction of the facility is expected to be completed by the year 2020- still depending on the workforce’s effort, time management, as well as additional features that may be added along the way.

Singapore has become the center of development in terms of data center industry, especially those of a large company. With the country’s fast-growing economy, great infrastructure and locals full of wonderful talents, it is not surprising to see big corporations coming in.

Soon, the country will be filled with big corporations trying to create a better business and contribute to the country’s economy.