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Fully Electric car by Mercedes to challenge Tesla

Mercedes reveals their own electric car on Tuesday, Sept. 4, to challenge Tesla who dominated upscale battery car in the market.

Mercedes, a global automobile marque and a division of the German company Daimler AG, revealed their fully electric car called EQC in an event at Stockholm. The event imprints the aggression of the German automobile company to compete with the American company Tesla.

Battery tech is better than ever. Many people wish to have something that is empowered by batteries alone and Tesla Model X was the only choice, which gives Tesla having no competitors.

It’s a necessary move for Mercedes as many are moving away from internal combustion engines, especially diesel. Like other major automakers, Mercedes have been investing billions of dollars toward electric cars, and so Mercedes Benz joined the all-electric party with its new EQC well known as Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC.

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Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC

EQC was said to run 60 mph in under 5 seconds, go 200 miles between charges, and will enter in the year 2020 in the market. It also acquires its three-pointed star badge with 400 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and full state of high-tech goodies. But the real evaluation for EQC will come in the drive itself.

The exterior design was identical to GLC but with more emphasis on drag reduction. The inside was overshadowed with an enormous widescreen display. “Avant-garde electro-look” was the best description Mercedes can give to this electric car.

EQC interior featured image
Mercedes EQC Interior design

Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, hopes EQC and their other electric cars will narratively add 15-25 percent sales by the year 2025. Daimler desires to have at least 10 electric cars of different modifications by 2022.

The price is yet to be determined.

BMW also is expected to reveal its iX3 electric SUV and the E-Tron by Audi.