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Further Expansion in the Philippines: FoodPanda

MANILA, Philippines — Foodpanda continues to widen its reach by adding services to Zamboanga and Leyte, and soon in other countries.

Foodpanda, the biggest online food ordering, and delivery in the Philippines have reached another milestone this month by adding delivery services to certain cities. Beginning in Zamboanga in Mindanao and Palo City in the Visayas.

Foodpanda is also coming soon in Tarlac and Sta. Laguna in Luzon, Kabanklan in the Visayas, and Tagum in Mindanao this month.

According to Argie Muyco, Head of Expansion for foodpanda Philippines, “We are very excited to add more locations to our list of cities, especially because we want to play the part during this time by helping people get the food delivered directly to their doorstep. The team believes that opening more cities to operate is an innovative response to COVID-19 as people are relying mostly on delivery service these days.”

“To top it off, we’re seeing massive growth and a lot of interest from restaurants who are either experiencing it or through word of mouth, so our aim is to open more in select cities in the next months,” he added.

Foodpanda has partnered with the city government of Manila in a project called “PandaTODA”  to provide jobs to tricycle drivers affected by the coronavirus-induced quarantine.


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