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Goodgame co-founders retire from the Mobile Game Company

Goodgame founders Kai and Christian Wawrzinek give up CEO and CSO position of the Mobile Game Company on February 2019.

But they aren’t planning to completely abandon the company, as they are still shareholders of Stillfront, a publisher and developer company that merged with them in 2018 in order for Goodgame to become public.

Germany-based GG studios specialize in the development and publishing of free-to-play mobile and browser games, a business model designed for online games where the user is not charged upon joining the game, but who may later provide a payment based on what services the game offers.

These services can include cosmetics to speeding up the progress of a player.

The Wawrzinek brothers opened GG back in 2009 together with Fabian Ritter as co-founders. While the brothers have a doctorate in law and another in orthodontics, they were eventually bored with their previous jobs and decided to open the game company, as “gaming was more fun”, they said.

As GG studios have been acquired by Stillfront, the brothers decided that it was the best timing to hand over the management of GG studios to Stillfront, they said in a statement regarding their retirement from GG.

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