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Google and Facebook is in a heat competition for local business

Google ramps up match against Facebook Page with its new tools for local businesses.

The rivalry between these two tech giants is never a new story to us. Google first took a step last year when the company launches a feature that let its users ‘follow’ and ‘message’ businesses.

On Tuesday, June 18, Google announced another two new features for businesses. Expect a more heated competition between these two after the announcement.

Google’s Chrome always reassures its users for a safer and better browsing experience. Talking about security, the new tool targets deceptive sites aiming to help users easily report deceptive sites.

Google has been constantly improving Safe Browsing. According to Google Security Blog, the new Suspicious Reporter extension feature will improve security for Chrome users by giving power users an easy way to report suspicious sites to Google Safe Browsing.

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Emily Schechter, Chrome Product Manager said, ” With the Suspicious Site Reporter extension, you can help Safe Browsing protect web users by reporting suspicious sites.”

After installing the extension, a user can start seeing an icon when landed on a suspicious site. The user can also view more information on why the website was a suspicious one. “By clicking the icon, you’re now able to report unsafe sites to Safe Browsing for further evaluation. If the site is added to Safe Browsing’s lists, you’ll not only protect Chrome users but users of other browsers and across the entire web,” Schechter added.

Along with the launching of Suspicious Site Reporter Extension is the new “Warning” which works by comparing the URL of the page the user is currently on to URLs of pages the user has recently visited.

” We’ll continue improving Chrome Security to help make Chrome easy to use safely, and are looking forward to collaborating with the community to further that goal,” said Emily.