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Google+ brought to a halt after Users’ data was exposed

Google just announced that its consumer version of their flagship social network Google+ will be canceled due to its Users’ data being exposed by a bug that was present for more than two years.

The Google+ was launched in 2011 with the intention of competing with the Tech Giant Facebook but eventually failed with the attempt and now is shutting down the software.

The Tech Giant said that there was a bug that left exposed around 500,000 users. According to a website, Google knew about the issue ever since March but has not announced about it. But Google has said in a statement that the public was not informed because the issue was not that serious enough, and added that their Privacy and Protection Office has reviewed about the issue, with a further review with the data that was involved. Any misuse of any evidence and actions that the Developers and Users could do in response.

The version of Google+ that caters to consumers have seen lower usage and engagement, the software’s 90% user session takes them less than 5 seconds.

Even though the company would stop offering Google+ to consumers, Google would still offer a private version of the service that caters to businesses that still uses the software.


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