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Google concluded their production of Tablets

Google ended its plans of releasing and building more tablet devices and has declined two supposedly upcoming models that were under development.

After fixing some bugs and issues on the device, the company has decided not to pursue developing these devices. The company confirmed to Computerworld last June 20, 2019.

Despite the risk, Google still pursued and launched the Pixel Slate in 2018, in hopes that the device would give users a warm welcoming factor in alternative to its high-end Pixel Book. However, it was found that Pixel Slate was redundant, currently, though, the device seems to be the last of its kind.

The company’s hardware team claimed that they are giving up the tablet aim.
Google launched a tablet called “Pixel Slate” in 2018, but the following year, no tablets where released. Google was developing two smaller tablets, but gradually stopped focusing on the said tablet forms in contrary to laptops

Google’s Pixel Slate was the first-ever Pixel-branded tablet the company has produced. Google’s tablets were supposed to be special devices that let users detach totally from a keyboard base or has no physical keyboard at all. The devices were a two-in-one convertible output like the Pixelbook to be laptops, not tablets.

A Google spokesperson confirmed all the details. Google announced its plans to reassign to replace employees who focused on the declined projects onto other fields. Allegedly, many of these employees, have already switched to the laptop side of that same self-made hardware division.

Though it was never clear on Google’s reasons behind the conclusion of their tablet forms. It may be because of the risk and difficulty of competing with bigger tablet producers like Apple and Samsung, known to be the top 2 tablet vendors in the world.

Google assured that the Pixel Slate units that were sold would still be supported with updates until June 2024. The Chrome OS team will continuously focus on laptops and tablets in its software development.