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Google leaked a Pixel 4 smartphone teaser to cut rumors

Google leaked an image of the back of its new Pixel 4 smartphone in response to numerous circulating interests.

The new Google phone, called the Pixel 4 has been a news in social media. In response to these rumors, Google decided to reveal the design of its next phone via its official Twitter account. The backplate and new camera module on the said smartphone were then exposed.

Made by Google officially Twitted about the rumored Pixel4.

Google Tweet featured image
Credit: @madebygoogle

The Pixel 4 leaks were provided by a smartphone blog, Pricebaba.

There were several changes on the back of the smartphone. The biggest change is the shape of the rear camera that is now a square camera when it used to be a circular camera. The camera module comes in a pair of lenses, a flash and a couple of other sensors. The lack of a rear fingerprint reader is also notable, in comparison to the past models. Leaks of the Pixel 4 were only the back of the phone, no information about the front part nor the rest of the phone was leaked.

Google’s Pixel 3 doesn’t state much of the Pixel line’s strengths on hardware specs, it’s all about what it can grip in terms of machine learning software tricks to suffice those bounds.

At that point, it’s obvious that Google was out of the trend to the two-camera rear-module setup. It was noted that from the previous events, the company has always justified their difference by opening more opportunities that their software can do more. The company assured the technical world that it can do more than most can do with two. This justifies the difference that sat as their strength on their cameras, but the world knows the advantages of availing dual cameras with different specs; Google gradually gives changes and is now ready to take this spree.