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Google Photos is Ending its Free Unlimited Storage on June 1st, 2021

Google Photos will start charging for storage once more than 15 gigs on the account have been used, the change will happen on June 1st of 2021.

Currently, every free Google account comes with 15 GB of online storage for Gmail, Drive, and Photos needs. Email and the files stored in Drive are already counted against that 15 GB but come June 1, all Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, or Jamboard files will count against the free storage as well.

“This change also allows us to keep pace with the growing demand for storage,” Shimrit Ben-Yair, Vice President of Google Photos, explains in a Google blog post.

“And, as always, we uphold our commitment to not use information in Google Photos for advertising purposes. We know this is a big shift and may come as a surprise, so we wanted to let you know well in advance and give you resources to make this easier.”

Google is also introducing a new policy of deleting data from inactive accounts that haven’t been logged into for at least two years.

Google already counts “original quality” photo uploads against a storage cap in Google Photos. However, taking away unlimited backup for “high quality” photos and video (which are automatically compressed for more efficient storage) also takes away one of the service’s biggest selling points.