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Google plans to acquire Alooma to match with Amazon and Microsoft

It’s not new that Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, three of the tech giants, are competing over cloud space.

In an announcement, Google said they plan on acquiring the cloud startup Alooma to bolster its cloud business.

Alooma is a real-time data pipeline as a service that allows the integration of any data source like databases, applications, and any API. It enables data teams to have visibility and control. It brings data from the users’ data silos together to the data warehouse.

The acquisition shows that Google is trying to compete with rivals Amazon and Microsoft. As reported, Amazon and Microsoft have been investing to cloud space business. Google Cloud holding 8.5 percent of worldwide cloud market while Amazon Web Services had 31.7 percent and Microsoft Azure had 16.8 percent.

Trying to catch up, Alooma will help Google build out additional migration capabilities within Google Cloud Platform.

Thomas Kurian, Google’s new cloud chief said at a conference, “You will see us accelerate the growth even faster than we have to date.”

Alooma is simple and flexible. It sets up and flow data in minutes or customize, enrich and transform data on the stream before it even hits the data warehouse. It is also secure and reliable as it is built in safety nets that ensure easy error handling without pausing the pipeline.

Alooma has already raised $15 million from investors like Lightspeed Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital Israel.

In an announcement released by Google cloud, the company said that Google Cloud is committed to helping enterprise customers easily and securely migrate their data to Google Cloud’s platform. The additional of Alooma, subject to closing conditions, is a natural fit that allows them to offer customers a streamlined, automated migration experience to Google Cloud, and give them access to Google Cloud’s full range of database services, from managed open sources database offerings to solutions like CLoud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable.

Google did not disclose how much it will pay for Alooma.