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Huawei Takes Over the Title of the World’s Second Largest Smartphone Seller

On Wednesday, August 1, Huawei was reported to have surpassed Apple as the second largest retailer of smartphones after recording a global market share of 15.8 percent.

Last quarter, Huawei has successfully shipped over 54 million smartphones, 40 percent higher than what they had last year. The company’s uprise has greatly affected some of its competitors, one of which is Apple who had sold 41 million of its products, lower than what Huawei had, causing them to pass their crown to the aforementioned. Though Samsung remained in tack in first place, they also felt the effect of Huawei’s success – as their sales drop during the previous quarter.

The telecom giant was able to enter the market of Europe as well as Africa, and its sales in its country of origin, China is especially high. Though the company was not able to fully infiltrate the United States’ market, others still find their growth striking as they were able to influence the country after country. All Huawei’s hard work has totally paid off with them being able to gain success every year that passed by.

Huawei’s success is not due to Apple underperforming, as a matter of fact, Apple is performing well and is accomplishing much more than what other companies have in the list. Just recently, Apple was named the first ever company to reach the $1 trillion market cap.

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