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Competition Heats Up Between Huawei and Samsung

In response to Samsung’s allegedly foldable smartphone Galaxy SX, or “Project Valley”, Huawei is already in a race against Samsung to release their own version of a foldable smartphone.

Huawei and Samsung are fiercely competing for the top spot as phone makers, and since Apple has just released their newest edition to the iPhone series, the two phone giants are paving their way to create the first foldable smartphone ever.

While Samsung has been teasing their Galaxy SX since as early as 2014, the world can expect to see more details getting released as soon as November.

In a recent Interview with the German news site Die Welt and Richard Yu, the CEO wants to create a phone that will make the consumers think twice about using a computer.

During said interview, Richard Yu mentioned how “the smartphone display is too small for you, unlike a computer”, and Huawei wants to change that notion.

Yu already discussed some features on the upcoming handset such as the inclusion of 5G, better AI features, and even real-time language translation.

With the planned release of the Mate 20 and its Pro version on the 16th of October, it could be a good time to give a rundown of their foldable smartphone to the consumers if they wish to beat Samsung in this race for the Mobile Market Dominance.