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Intel in Search of a New CEO

Intel’s Chief Financial Officer, Robert Swan, has taken the role of Interim CEO following the resignation of Brian Krzanich, Intel’s (former) CEO.

Recently, Intel has released a statement about the resignation of their CEO, Brian Krzanich due to the discovery of his consensual relationship with one of their employees.

Knowing that Intel is strict when it comes to following policies.  It is not surprising that nobody’s exempted from the rule in regards with relationship status in the company. This was the main reason why the board respected Krzanich’s decision to resign after he admitted that he had a relationship with an employee.  A statement released by Intel supports this information.

There was an internal investigation of the company as stated by Intel.  Saying that there was indeed a violation of their company’s non-fraternization policy which applies to everyone.

The relationship was believed to have started sometime in the past but the details to it remained a secret.

Nonetheless, Intel is still grateful for all the contributions Krzanich has offered to the company for the last five years.

After Krzanich’s resignation, Robert Swan has taken over as the Interim CEO as they look for a new CEO. With Swan currently leading the organization, Intel strongly believes and are confident about his ability. Stating that, “Robert has been instrumental to the development and execution of Intel’s strategy, and we know the company will continue to smoothly execute.”

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