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Interoperability Testing and Development for 5G NR Completed, will it be Out Soon?

On July 10, tech giants China Mobile, Huawei and Intel have successfully completed the interoperability and development testing for 5G NR.

The testing was carried out in a research institute owned by China Mobile and with the assistance of the chipmaker Intel and the tech equipment manufacturer Huawei, the process was even faster than what was expected. The following tech giants see this success as an opportunity for a better commercialization of 5G and products powered by the latter.

Since the announcement was released, many are anticipating what’s next for the project. The mass is hoping that the implementation of 5G Network would be done as soon as possible, especially now that faster connection became a necessity for all.

Network enthusiasts need not worry about this since it was announced that the launch will be ready by the end of the year. Along with this, various 5G-supported-products are said to be released in the year 2019.

This was good news not only to internet users and “techie people” but also to China since they have the desire to be on the lead in this kind of industry from the very beginning.

Many big tech companies were also in the development of 5G Networks, but it seems like the combination of the three companies are on the lead of the competition.