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Italian Authorities fines Apple and Samsung for slow Phones

Italian Authorities issued a fine against smartphone companies Apple and Samsung for slowing phones intentionally.

Apple and Samsung are being fined millions of Euros by the Italian Authorities after the party’s planned “obsolescence” in the smartphone department. Apple faces a 10 million euro fine while Samsung, on the other hand, is receiving a smaller fine of around 5 million euros.

In a statement, the authorities have said that the two companies have implemented unfair commercial practices in their smartphones and also added that having Software updates in older phones makes the performance of the devices drop. At times the sudden drop in performance causes “serious malfunctions” this, in turn, provoked the users to update their devices.

Smartphone companies always encourage their users to update the firmware of their devices but clearly does not provide necessary information on what the new updates significant demands are.

On one hand, Tech giant Samsung is now making an appeal saying that it was disappointed in the decision. Samsung added that they didn’t release any software update that reduced the performance of any of its smartphones and has said that the company releases updates that increases the users’ experience of its devices. But on the other hand, Apple said last year that it deliberately slowed down some older iPhones in defense that older models of iPhone have its batteries diminish over time thus, slowing down the phone will make it last longer.

Both companies are being made to publish a declaration in their Italian websites about the decision of the authorities and informing their consumers.


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