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Japan is in the lead with world’s most powerful passport

According to the recent report from the Henley Passport Index which was released on October 9, Japan is in the lead with the world’s most powerful passport.

Henley & Partners collects data on passports all over the world and ranks them according to most privileges. Updated in real time, one can monitor where their passport allows them to travel to.

Japanese citizens just gained visa-free access to Myanmar earlier this month, they will also have the privilege to enjoy both visa-free and visa-on-arrival access to 190 different destinations.

Singapore is behind Japan at 189 destinations but was first place with Japan last February.

Germany, on the other hand, lost its position as the 2nd most powerful passport, ranking now at the third place together with South Korea and France, while Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden and Spain come in at fourth place with 187 different destinations accessible to owners of any of said passports.

In an effort to gain more accessible destinations for United Arab Emirates citizens, the UAE jumped the most in recent years from 62nd rank to 21st since 2006. UAE passport allows up to 161 locations for travel.

The Philippines has access to 73 destinations with its passport, setting its rank to 75th, and Singapore as the top rank in Southeast Asia at 2nd.