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Jeff Bezos Pledges a Massive $10B to fight Climate Change

Jeff Bezos announced $10 billion commitment to battle climate change – launching Bezos Earth Fund, a new initiative to fight climate change.

Not just rich in money, but also rich at heart. Jeff Bezos, Founder, CEO and President global warming is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world committed a massive $10 billion fund to fight climate change.

Part of the plan is the Bezos Earth Fund – a new initiative by Bezos to battle against the ever-growing climate change.

“I am thrilled to announce I am launching the Bezos Earth Fund”, said Bezos in his Instagram post. It is true that climate change is rapidly growing. Current news and data streams about global warming are very alarming.

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“Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet. I want to work alongside others both to amplify known ways and to explore new ways of fighting that devastating impact of climate Bezos added.

Bezos wrote in his Instagram post that the fund will be used to help scientists, activists, NGOs, and ‘any effort that offers a real possibility to help preserve and protect the natural world’.

Besides the new initiative, Bezos was also an investor in Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a coalition of private investors concerned about the impacts of accelerating climate change.

The money is coming from Bezos’ personal wealth. Bezos’ current net worth is $130 billion. The $10 billion will cost him 7.7% of his total net worth. But he will still be listed as the richest man after the pledge.

“I’m committing $10 billion to start and will begin issuing grants this summer. Earth is the one thing we all have in common – let’s protect it, together,” Bezos ended his post with simple yet meaningful words.

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice also responded on the initiative of Bezos saying, “We applaud Jeff Bezos’ philanthropy, but one hand cannot give what the other is taking away.”