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Jon Callas shifts to American Civil Liberties Union

Jon Callas, an Apple security expert left and shifts to American Civil Liberties Union as ‘public interest tech’ builds.

Jon Callas is an American computer security expert, software engineer, user experience designer, and technologist who is the co-founder and former CTO of the global encrypted communications service, Silent Circle.

Callas describes himself as an “entrepreneur and innovator in information and business security, including cryptography, operating system security, public key infrastructure, and intellectual property rights”, as well as an “innovator in human-computer interactions, collaboration and social virtual reality.”

Callas held a title of senior scientist II at Apple Computer from 1995 to 1997 where he led the engineering and approvals for a FIPS 140 validation of iOS. He was trusted with the security of Apple’s operating system and worked on Apple’s Whole Disk Encryption. He eventually leaves Apple before Steve Jobs came back and joined PGP as chief scientist. By May of 2016, Callas came back to Apple.

After having a two-year role at Apple, he then again left the company to join the American Civil Liberties Union as technology fellow.

Ben Wizner, director of the ALU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project said that Jon has unparalleled knowledge about the hazards of surveillance backdoors and is also an extremely effective communicator to the public, which is equally important. Wizner is expecting Callas to help ACLU resist governments demanding access to users issues like fairness and transparency.

Callas recognizes the efforts of phone makers in terms of security but said that he wanted to see the progress to continue and widen without any companies pressuring them to do so.