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Lyft hired Eisar Lipkovitz as Executive Vice President of Engineering

The ride-hailing company, Lyft, hired the veteran Google executive Eisar Lipkovitz to lead its engineering team as the company continues to grow massively.

Lyft, the ride-hailing company based in San Francisco, welcomes a world-class executive to lead its engineering team. The company hired Eisar Lipkovitz from Google to serve as Executive Vice President of Engineering and will be leading 1,000 people.

Lipkovitz spent 15 years at Google in various leadership roles. He most recently led the video and display advertising team. Previously, he worked on the infrastructure behind Google Search. He also worked at Akamai for four years.

He said that it’s clear that Lyft is tackling on of the most interesting and world-changing engineering challenges, and the team has done an exceptional job innovating through dispatch, matching, pricing and mapping to create the overall experience.

According to him, the work Lyft is doing intersects with his passion of operating extremely complex systems efficiently while developing strong leaders in tech and he couldn’t be more excited to join the team.

Lipkovitz is not the first Google veteran to join Lyft. Last August, Lyft hired Manish Gupta as Vice President of engineering to help build the company’s platform. Gupta will be reporting to Lipkovitz, while Lipkovits will be reporting directly to the company’s co-founder and CEO, Logan Green.