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Manila Hosted the Largest Global Blockchain Summit from China

Manila, The Philippines – The first blockchain application experience exhibition, GBS Global Blockchain Summit Forum, chose Manila as their venue, last June 24.

The Marriott International Convention and Exhibition Center in Pasay City, Manila, the Philippines was full of prestigious guests. The summit was co-sponsored by the Chairman of the Global Blockchain Applied Research Foundation, Dr. Lun Kaikai, and the World Belt and Road One Foundation and was organized by Leilu Finance and Philippine Local Host, the former Philippine Presidential Cabinet Secretary, Raul L. Lambino of Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and concurrently the Presidential Advisor to Northern Luzon. Co-hosted with Senior Deputy Administrator, Raymund Roquero as assisted by CEZA Fintech Consultant, Mary Rose Magsaysay of PADCDI, Philippine Association of Digital Commerce and Decentralized Industries, for the first time adopted the form of “blockchain forum + exhibition”, which attracted the attention and support of the industry and participated by its officers, Jayjay Viray and PADCDI’s Director for Events, Anna Laxamana, top executive search firm based in Singapore Harper & Hill headed by Angelo Valdez as Managing Director and startup co-founder Erwin Po.

Prominent guests were led by, Dr. Dante A. Ang, Philippine Presidential Envoy for International Media Affairs Head of Manila Times and Chairman Emiritus of The Manila Times. Attending the event, The Solomon Island’s Minister of Mines and Energy Bradley Tovosia, Prince of Thailand Lieutenant General Supreedi of the Thai Royal Family and The Special Guardian to the King Admiral Pape Bawata of the Thai Navy. Also present was Former Chairman of the Krungthai Bank and Former President of the Thailand Stock Exchange Dr. Sathit, and GOBA – Global One Belt and Honorary Chairman Consul General Jesus Vicente Magsaysay started the launch of the Global Blockchain Applied Research Foundation.

The event also introduced some organizations such as ULTRAPRECISE Investments Limited of CEZA with Dr. Prasan Sirrinont as Managing Director, Heiner Baichuan and the World Blockchain Alliance. Jiang Dashuang, President of the United Nations World Economy and Economic Development Committee; Jiao Guangming, President of TopChain; Wang Xiaohua, former Vice President of Ali, U-Link Capital; Zheng Xiaojun, World Blockchain Organization delivered a speech; Yuan Yuming, dean of the Institute of International Monetary Research Institute, and Duan Yu, the founder of LeiLu Finance & Horizon Capital, who chaired three VIP tables.

The summit dinner was graced by the famous singer Li Shengjie of Taiwan to perform a wonderful performance for guests, and 66 supermodels from China, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, the United States, and the United Kingdom, including the Miss Hong Kong Ceremony Missing Contest, the Miss Universe Contest, etc. The championship will add a beautiful scene to this high-end technology feast. In the end, the chairman of the Global Blockchain Applied Research Foundation, Lun Lun, brought the evening to a climax by drawing a prize worth PHP 4 Million.

The summit was broadcasted live in China, Southeast Asia, and the United States through video, graphic, and dozens of live broadcast platforms with over 10 million audiences live online.

The summit would create opportunities for exchanges between blockchain development and investment, build a project docking platform, discover future industry opportunities, and open up a brand-new page of blockchain development.