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Microsoft Edge Revealed New Brilliant Feature to Beat Chrome

Microsoft Edge 85 packs some brilliant features that could tempt Google Chrome users looking to switch browsers.

Microsoft’s Edge browser is gaining popularity, reaching number two position in the desktop market behind only Google’s Chrome.

Both Chrome and Edge are based on the Chromium browser engine, so there are similarities feature-wise, but many users are looking to avoid Google services altogether to protect their security and privacy.

Microsoft now just added a bunch of capabilities in Edge 85, aimed at people working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as education as a number of schools are driven online.

Microsoft Edge’s Collection Feature, which allows us to collect, share, and organize content across the web. Through a feature called “Collections send to OneNote” can send Edge Collection to OneNote as well as Word and Excel.

Microsoft also added that Collection is also available on iOS and Android to sync your devices.

Edge 85 also adds the ability to synchronize browser favorites and settings between Active Directory profiles within your own environment without the need for cloud sync.

Meanwhile, Edge is adding features that help keep your kids safe as they browse online via its recently launched family safety app. You can now get activity reports on the sites your kid’s visit and the search terms they enter, and you can control the content your kids see. InPrivate browsing is also blocked in Edge to make sure your kids stay safe.

Other features, Microsoft Edge’s built-in PDF reader has added highlight and screen reader support—ideal for students and anyone working from home.

Recently, Edge added privacy controls, performance improvements in Collections and a Read Aloud feature in PDFs. Another winning feature has already dropped in Edge 84—the ability to manage notifications from sites. A great way to battle those annoying pop-ups.