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Microsoft Launched New Family Safety App for iOS & Android

Microsoft launched a new Family Safety app, to allow families to manage screen time and app usage.

The Family Safety mobile app ties in with Microsoft’s broader Family Group platform which covers both Windows and Xbox, and is designed to give parents greater oversight and control of everything, they also added web and search filters to limit browsing to kid-friendly sites.

Most of these screen time and content filters are limited to Android on mobile, but Microsoft says it’s working on bringing them to iPhones too.

family safety app featured image
Family Safety App Content Filter (Credits The Verge)

The app can also be used for location sharing between family members. The new location-clustering feature during the beta phase, which let’s see when multiple family members are at the same location.

family safety app featured image
Family Safety App Location Sharing (Credits The Verge)

Microsoft is also planning to add notifications for when family members arrive or leave a location, but this will be a premium feature for Microsoft 365 subscribers.

A new drive safety feature is also on the way for Microsoft 365 subscribers. It’s designed to help people build better driving habits and provide “insights on driving behavior.” Microsoft isn’t saying exactly when it will arrive, but this drive safety feature will launch in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.

The launching of the Family Safety app will continue to add new features to help to protect your family. Microsoft Family Safety App is now available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.