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Microsoft takes over the top spot from Apple for good

Microsoft takes over the top spot from Apple and this time they stay there for good.

While last week, Microsoft has been a close contender for the top spot by a few billion, Microsoft is now consistently above Apple by $3.7 billion in shares.

Microsoft has a share count of 7,676,218,736 as of October 19 at $110.89 per share.

In comparison to Microsoft, Apple has 4,745,398,000 shares as of October 26 at $178.58 per share.

It is expected for Microsoft to stay on top as the most valuable company for a while, given with the recent issues Apple is facing such as the tariff President Donald Trump has been implying throughout the year of 2018.

Apple’s stock, unfortunately, fell by nearly 20 percent in November, this largely attributes to the sudden rise to the top my MS.

And in any case, if Microsoft does stay on top until the end of the year, it would mark the second time Microsoft would close out in the top position since 2002

Given that Apple eclipsed a trillion dollar market capitalization last August, they have hit a historic valuation. Though Amazon crossed the trillion dollar limit during intraday trading a month later, they have never closed trading above the limit.

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