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Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2, more to come Q2 2019

On September 24, Microsoft demonstrated their new Surface Hub 2 for the very first time during the Ignite Conference.

The Ignite Conference is a massive event for Microsoft that is held yearly, and in the event, they’d discuss Microsoft’s new plans for their products and propose ideas such as running Windows 10 in the cloud, or how Microsoft launches Azure Digital Twins.

The Surface Hub 2 is one of Microsoft’s huge touchscreen collaboration display with a total of 50 inches to tap on.

According to Microsoft’s statement, their main goal upon producing such product is to help users do a lot of things, more than they have done in the past- “to create, do and achieve more.”

While its release is due in the second quarter of 2019, one can already see how interactive the display is.

Microsoft is planning to use removable processor cartridges at the back of it which could essentially mean that one can upgrade its processor without upgrading to a newer model which would cost even more.

With the Surface Hub 2, teams in the need for modern tools will feel right at home with this gadget. Microsoft will release a whole set of its Surface line of products such as the Surface Book 2, Surface Studio and the Surface Pro 4, all of them which help a user become more productive.