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Mozilla Rolls Out New Version Firefox 81 RC1 on Andriod

Mozilla rolled out Firefox 81 RC1 via Playstore, with Downloads page, auto-tab closing, and more to improve the new Firefox.

The new version Firefox 81 RC1 started rolling out on the Play Store. The most notable new feature is the in-browser Downloads page, which was in the older Firefox, but not the new codebase. Now you don’t have to open your phone’s file manager to check downloaded files. Mozilla has also brought back support for external download manager apps.

Additionally, the update includes a new ‘Open in app’ menu option for sites with a currently installed native Android app and the ability to close tabs automatically after a set period of time.

The browser now also automatically selects the search/address bar whenever you open a new tab. Furthermore, Firefox 81 now uses Google’s new in-app review API to ask users to give Firefox a rating on the Play Store.

As the new codebase rapidly develops, despite the recent downsizing of Mozilla, there’s still not widespread support for extensions. The company previously said an option to install all extensions would arrive in Firefox Nightly sometime this month, but there doesn’t seem to be much progress in the public tracking page.

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