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New Blockchain Platform Out to the Market

Yesterday, Oracle, one of the biggest computer software company has released their newest blockchain platform.

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service has been introduced at the OpenWorld conference last October 2017. Following this event, Oracle started to test it on different applications, as the latter was successful, the company has already decided to release it to the market.

As of this moment, a lot of companies and corporations have moved to Oracle’s newest blockchain platform and integrated its tools in doing their business.

The platform was built using Hyperledger Fabric, a blockchain framework implementation hosted by the Linux Foundation. Oracle’s newest development aims to lessen the burden of different companies- with functionalities and tools that include monitoring and operations tools, identity management and event services, and many more.

With this, many organizations will be able to monitor supply chains, settle cross-border payments, and track shipments from all over the world. Nonetheless, the development of the blockchain platform does not end here, for there is still a lot to make with blockchain databases on hand.

Blockchain is one of the growing industry today, as long as it is there many applications will continue to emerge in the market. Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service is a good example of the things that can be developed in accordance to the latter. Though it is just beginning the competition for the blockchain industry is undeniably strong.