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New Era for Android with Google’s Latest OS

Google released a new version of the Operating System (OS) for Android, which they named “Pie”. It includes brand new features that would make the user’s experience much better than that of the previous version.

The company is known for naming their OS after a desert and not only that; its name starts with the next letter in the alphabet comparing it to the last release.  Before Pie, it was Oreo and even going back before that there was Nougat.

Not only does the name give joy to the intended users, but the new features that come along with the latest version will also exhilarate people the most.

Though the last version did not appeal to the mass of Android users, Google still decided to offer them a new version that they hope would have better production and superiority than the previous release. Oreo’s production did not have a strong impact, with only about 12% of Android devices using it.

The Pie OS is not yet out in the market, but the company guarantees that the features will totally be worth the wait.

The new OS will enable the user to remove the color of their screen anytime they wish to do so or to put it simply, it includes a grey scale mode. It would also offer powerful notifications and very extensive battery life.

The new development of Google, as always, is much anticipated. Users are always in the hope that it will become much better.

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