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New National Airline in Nigeria Ready for Action

Yesterday, June 8, an announcement stated that the proposed National Airline for Nigeria will start operating by the end of the year.

The operation is expected to start on December with five airplanes ready for take-off. By receiving the Outline Business Case Certificate of Compliance, the future of the airline is already confirmed.

Following this event, it is just right to say that the project has come a long way.

Hadi Sirika, the Minister of State for Aviation stated that they are planning to acquire 30 aircraft in the next five years after the airline starts its operation.

Many domestic airlines might see this as a threat but Sirika assured them that this concurrent event will not affect their operation.

A total of $8.8 Million as a preliminary cost and $300 Million as take-off cost is expected to be consumed by the airline. With the event on hand, they are hoping that the airline would be able to generate profit after three years.

The information regarding the airline’s name, logo and type of airplane to be used will be announced on the 18th of July, the same date as the purchase of the aircraft.

With almost 180 million people living in Nigeria, the success of the airline will be intact.


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