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Nike to Increase Its Employees’ Salary by August

Nike, a multinational footwear manufacturing company announced recently that they are planning to increase the salary of their employees in August and about 7,000 would be affected by this change.

The company is known for its culture of making their employees feel like they are as good as anyone else in the company. As well as, helping them boost their confidence and self-esteem. Nike is always open for suggestions, concerns and reactions coming from their co-workers and employees.

Issues concerning misbehaviors and discrimination amongst Nike’s employees, especially women, caused a big fuss in the company and has put it in a state of shock. Following this, the company decided to conduct an internal review and due to that, they have decided to give their employees an increase in their wages.

Over 10% or 74,000 of the company’s employees from all over the world will benefit from this event. By doing so, the company is expecting that everyone inside their company will feel included and empowered, in order for them to do a much better job and resolve all the past issues within the organization.

The company is hoping that everyone will start to throw their feeling of discontent, lessen the gap between them and spread their goal of attaining equality for all whether in terms of salary or work ethics.