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Ola and Uber on a Race for the Best Ride-hailing Company

On Tuesday, August 7, the Indian ride-hailing company Ola announced that they will be launching their services in Britain, intensifying, even more, the competition between them and Uber.

In the past few months, Uber has been backing off from countries in Asia as the competition for ride-hailing services has gone out of its capacity and customers are resorting to its competitors. After that, the US ride-hailing company has concentrated on giving out their services in India.

Home for one of the seven wonders of the world- Taj Mahal, India has an existing company that offers the same services as Uber. Ola was founded in the year 2011, though citizens in the country are not fond of such services since most of them are looking for cheaper ways of transportation. As Uber entered the country, the competition between the two has greatly intensified.

Last February, Ola has decided to widen the coverage of their services by extending it to Australia. As it was known to all, Uber is especially strong in the country, though there are cities where they cannot operate. Now, with Ola joining the crowd with over 40, 000 drivers using the platform, it is evident that the two company are ready to face each other in the battle of who offers the best services.

Just as everyone thought that the competition has ended, Ola has made an announcement regarding its plans to expand in Britain. Of course, what to expect, Uber is also present in the country.

Ola is not following Uber, they are just simply strategizing on how they will be able to generate more revenue and income, especially that it is not that good in their country of origin. Ola is already licensed to operate in South Wales and Greater Manchester.

The continued expansion of Ola might have a great effect on Uber’s services and predictions of the future may be in favor of India’s ride-hailing company.

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