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Outlook is Getting Better Voice Controls for iOS and Android

Outlook for iOS and Android is getting better voice control so users can dictate short emails or call a contact from the app.

Users can also see suggested replies in emails where Microsoft detects a request for a meeting. In the latter, Outlook will offer options for you to send your availability or schedule a meeting to create a new event on your calendar.

Android users will get new actionable notifications so you can reply, archive, or delete an incoming message when an alert comes in. If you prefer, you can also replace those default actions to Mark as read, Flag, and more. iOS users will soon see the already announced drag and drop support between OneDrive and Outlook on iPads soon.

Microsoft is also working to bring other features that exist on other versions of Outlook (i.e. desktop) to iOS and Android. These include workspace booking, text prediction, weather data in your calendar, and adding emoji reactions to your emails. That last one will start to roll out around the New Year, the company said.

To make it easier for people who use Outlook on their desktops, Microsoft also introduced a tool that makes it easier to sign in to the service on the phone if users have already logged into their laptop.

From Outlook on desktop or browser, users get a prompt to send a text message to download the app on the phone. When users are setting up the mobile app, scan a QR code on the laptop’s screen and Microsoft says it will securely transfer your credentials from your desktop to your phone.