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Paypal Launches first Philippines operations site

The online payments system Paypal officially launches its first office operating in the Philippines – opening thousands of new jobs.

Paypal just launches its operations site in the Philippines located in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The Alabang site will be the largest and centralized office of the online payment firm.

The company has already hired 700 people and plans to hire 1,000 more employees by the end of 2020. The decision of Paypal to officially set up an operations site in the Philippines will not only boost the country’s reputation of “hotbed” for talent but also creates job opportunities for Filipinos.

According to Paypal, they are hiring employees to fill in roles like customer service, voice and non-voice processes, and risk management to cater to English-speaking customers. As an online payment solution leader, Paypal has now more than 286 million active account holders and is available to over 200 markets.

“Filipinos are renowned not only for their outstanding command of the English language but also for their customer service expertise, as well as their resourcefulness, hard work and openness to new experiences,” John Nicholls, country lead and senior director of Paypal Global Customer Services.

“At Paypal, we embrace passion and diversity as part of our culture, and Filipino talents make for the perfect fit when it comes to values we strive for as a global company,” he added.

The said operations site was designed for millennials. In the coming year, almost half of the global workforce would be in their 20s or 30s. This just means that millennials would play a vital role in future organizations.

Talking about the Philippines operations site, Nicholls said, “Our facilities are meant to embody Paypal’s work-culture philosophy, which prizes innovations, collaboration, inclusion, and wellness. By nurturing these values in our office spaces, we provide our teams with the very best in coaching, mentorship and leadership, so they grow personally and professionally in their careers.”

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