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Subscribers to PLDT suffer outage nationwide

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Subscribers to PLDT internet and landline services irritated yet again due to the nationwide outage that has wrecked across the Philippines.

Reports on the PLDT outage started to come in since early morning on Friday, 9:00 am GMT+8 and have not yet been resolved, leaving users of said service to call the customer service hotline.

Up until recently, reports are still flooding PLDT’s official Twitter page PLDT_Care, leaving the ISP little room to breathe.

Although they were being entertained by the customer service representatives as best as they could, the outage needs yet to be resolved.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is well aware of how the nation is putting up with its low internet speed, and with the help of the President are actively looking for a foreign telecommunications company that could bring faster Internet towards the Philippines.

The selection of a new internet service provider has been announced countless times before but were delayed for unknown reasons.

According to DICT, the third company would be selected in December 2018, meaning this would officially break the Duopoly of Globe and PLDT.

Subscribers to PLDT and even Globe are already looking forward to switching their ISP for greener pasture such as ConvergeICT, as one can only tolerate so much before finally giving up on the slow speeds Globe and PLDT offer and high prices.