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Porsche Production Halts After Volkswagen Emission Scandal

German High-Performance car manufacturer Porsche, will stop producing diesel cars and said that it will be focusing on gasoline, hybrid and electric cars.

Chief Executive of Porsche, Oliver Blume said that the company has their image beat because of the diesel emission that its parent company Volkswagen recently had. He stated that Porsche is not against the idea of diesel-powered cars and says that it is a marvel in the propulsion technology. He also added that Porsche as a High-Performance car manufacturer would not take part anymore in the secondary role that diesel plays and has concluded that they are set to have a “diesel-less” future.

Porsche in May had their 60,000 cars including the Cayenne and Macan has been ordered to be recalled by Germany’s Federal Transport Authority, because of the emission cheating. Porsche did not make their diesel engines but has used Engines made by Audi.

The company stayed strong after the scandal with Blume saying that with the halt of the diesel cars, the company will be focusing on petrol/gasoline cars which in the first place is a more suitable way for sporty driving. He also says that the cutting off of their diesel cars from their lineup will not be affecting their business much because only 14% of their cars run on diesel worldwide.

Porsche is now focusing on the development of its fully-electric supercar that is backed-upped by a multi-billion investment on the project.